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Mclaren MP4-12C Visits Blue Water Marine

Posted Thu 18 August, 2011.

Mclaren MP4-12C Visits Blue Water Marine

Mclaren Manchester based in Knutsford…will have one of there latest MP4-12C cars on display at our showrom over the August bank holiday weekend. The MP4-12C boasts at top speed of 205 mph and can reach 0-62 mph in 3.1 seconds.

What makes the perfect driver’s car? It’s a question McLaren’s engineers asked themselves constantly when defining the 12C.  As passionate driving enthusiasts themselves, they imagined the car they would want to own. A car with class-beating performance, of course. But one that feels comfortable and inspires confidence from the moment you sit in it. A car that is easy to drive in town, but rewards skill on the road or track. One that delivers exhilarating performance in the real world, not just in the hands of a professional driver on a circuit. One that offers a true, linear connection between every driver action and vehicle reaction. And add to that list the latest in-car entertainment, communication and navigation technology, presented in a way that is intuitive to use.

They pictured the first genuine, no-compromise, high-performance sports car. They began to call it the ‘and’ car.  It would be lightweight and strong.  Powerful and efficient.  Comfortable and exhilarating. With a compact exterior and a spacious interior. In short, a car that would unite qualities once thought to be mutually exclusive.

By designing the 12C around a carbon fibre chassis they created a strong, safe and lightweight structural core. They then designed an innovative suspension system that uniquely combines agile handling and remarkable road-holding with the ride comfort of a luxury sedan. A powerful, tractable and refined engine, mated to a double-clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox gives the 12C a huge breadth of ability. And the sophisticated electronic control systems governing the suspension, transmission, brakes and even the aerodynamics, deliver maximum control, minimal intervention and total exhilaration.

So whether your journey takes you to work, to the racetrack or from London to Monte Carlo, we’re confident there’s no other car you’d rather be driving.

To take a closer look, come along to the showroom from saturday the 27th through to monday the 29th….or call Mclaren Manchester on 01565 755 412

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