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Barmouth Chippy Run!

Posted Sat 22 August, 2009.

Barmouth Chippy Run!

The ‘Chippy Run’ as it grew to be known, was a regular trip a few years back with up to 20 boats making the relativley short journey over to Barmouth for a couple of drinks and fish and chips. Barmouth is only 16 miles from Pwllheli as the crow flies, but the entrance to the harbour can be a little tricky and you have to get the tides right.

St Patricks Causway splits the bay in half between Pwllheli and Barmouth, and this does dry out in places, there are only a couple of channels through, so the safest way is to head out to the Causway Bell, making the journey around 25 miles.

Once into Barmouth harbour you need to tie along side the wall, sending the biggest boats in first, and rafting alongside. Nine boats made the journey this time the smallest being a Chaparral 235 and the largest a 42 foot Astinor. Barmouth is a bustling sea side town with loads of eateries and drinking holes. We all piled into the Yacht Club for a customary drink and a chat about the journey across. The Yacht Club is very welcoming and has excellent views of the harbour and to the bay beyond. As the title goes, fish and chips were on the menu, and the Harbour Fish Bar did a roaring trade, time for another drink or two, before we head out home. We left the harbour at about 9.30 just as it had gone dark, high tide was around 10pm so we could head straight back to Pwllheli with no need to worry about the Causeway. All boats seemed to split up and go their own way back, but we all managed to arrive back at Pwllheli Fairway Buoy at the same time. For some of the crews this was their first experience at a night passage, the entrance to the marina looks a whole lot different in the dark, all boats got back to their berths and tied up with no incidents reported. Thank you to all who went, and lets make this trip another regualr.

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