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Air Ambulance Ball

Posted Sun 17 August, 2008.

Air Ambulance Ball

“I never get to go to a posh do” someone uttered back in May. It was then that the seed was sown, and in a matter of days the 4 people in the room at that time had decided to hold a Summer Ball. The team as they are called are Janice Harrison, Lisa Bridgett, Nikki Tersch and Nicola Williams. The committee was formed, and work got underway.

It was decided that this would be a charity event, and it didn’t take long, for everyone to agree to support the welsh air ambulance, based at Caernarfon airport.

So with all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, shouting and cursing, the day had arrived. The marquee was in place, the tables set, music playing, guests were arriving and the champagne started to flow.

The format of the evening, was a 3 course dinner, followed by an auction, and then live entertainment with dancing to the early hours. Around 90 guests attended, including some familiar faces.

There were lots of prizes donated for the auction, including signed football shirts, hot air balloon rides, superbike days and even a handmade dolls house. All in all there was a wide and varied selection of prizes for all tastes and interests. Thank you to Des Lewis, for volunteering to be the ‘very funny’ auctioneer.

Live entertainment kicked off with a whirling dervish, I don’t know how he did it, but he must have been spinning for over 20 minutes, and not above 5 minutes after was in a dinner suit drinking champagne. He was followed by Rod Stewart, ‘well he sounded like Rod, and then he turned into Freddy Mercury, the whole place was bouncing, I even saw Ken Barlow dancing to ‘we will rock you’. Or maybe I’d just had too much vino.

The dancing did go on to the early hours, everyone dipped deep into their pockets, and donated very generously, and before the night came to a close, it was decided to do the whole thing again next year.

£14,769.00 was raised and donated to the Welsh Air Ambulance. Thank you to everyone involved, there’s far to many of you, so I won’t name you, you know who you are.

For information on next year’s event, keep watching these pages.

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